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Panna Cotta at Luma on Park in Winter Park, Florida

Panna Cotta at Luma on Park in Winter Park, Florida



Since the roll-out of 30 individual US and Canada Foodie Guides about a week ago, this blog has been re-energized and re-dedicated. I’ve gone on this week to finish the Nevada and New Mexico Foodie Guides. Kansas is almost done and Arkansas shouldn’t take much longer.

You might wonder why such small population states to start? Why not finish California or New York, for example? My short response is that small states are much less dense by rule, so much easier to finish in a short amount of time.

Time, for me, is a scarse commodity these days. I just changed my career from a traveling wine broker back to an insurance consultant. Insurance sales, not nearly as sexy but far more lucrative, is something I did about twenty years ago. That’s why I’m trying to pick my battles carefully with these less complicated Foodie Guides.

It’s my hope for this blog to bring you interesting content regarding the North American farm-to-table movement. I’ll be heading south on business next week. I plan to check out the scene again in Gainesville, Florida and visit some old favorites (if possible) in Winter Park. I’ll be blogging about my experience at The Jones. I expect to have as many as three meals there, so I’ll have lots of photos and info to share with you.

About a year ago I attended a different conference in Orlando. I spent my evenings in Winter Park, attending four terrific places: Luma on Park, Prato, Ravenous Pig and Cask & Larder. Somehow that piece never got posted. I’ll be writing it up today and posting it next Sunday.