Good Swill Hunting: Confessions of a Farm to Table Foodie

"Eating is an Agricultural Act" — Wendell Berry

Month: January 2014

About Me

I’m Gary Carner. Traveling salesman by day, Pepper Adams biographer by night. I might as well admit it: I’ve always liked to eat. According to family lore, the first word I learned was “more” because my mother would ask me if I wanted more to eat. My response was to open my mouth and keep eating. The hospital’s maternity nurses labelled me a “problem eater.” Maybe I knew the food was crappy and was awaiting a better entree?

After a life traveling the world, working in the food and wine industry, hanging out with famous chefs and winemakers, and studying nutrition, I’ve become increasingly horrified with the American food chain. Polluted groundwater, denatured soil, irradiation, pesticides, additives, preservatives, GMOs, CAFOs. . . . Yuk! The more I learn, the harder it is to go out and enjoy a meal.

This site is intended as a remedy; a resource for even the pickiest eaters. It’s a way to sidestep the mediocre and find food nirvana. I’m interested to hear your stories, victories, and discoveries.